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Patagonia Memories

As a follow-up to last evenings’ thoughts, the soup ended turning out quite well and really lacked any sort of burnt taste.  My fears were thankfully misplaced!  The richness of the pork base made for a nice hearty meal on a rather cold evening here in the bay area.  It reminded me a lot of the delicious locro on last year’s Christmas trip to Patagonia, and how much I wanted to try an attempt at it myself when I returned.

A few other thoughts on tweaking the recipe further:

  • Recipe called for adding onion and celery into the stock as-is (uncooked).  Onion in particular has a wonderful flavor if browned a bit, wondering if that would improve anything significantly.
  • Added some stout while cooking (~1c?).  Hard to say how much of an impact it had, but seemed like it would fit well.
  • As mentioned, the pork-base is nice but wondering if adding lamb or other additional meat would help, or just overpower things.

A few promising recipes popped up after a quick search on locro.  Maybe I’ll try one of these next.

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