Thoughts, ideas and memories of photography, cooking & the outdoors (not in that order!)


Cooking.  One of my other favorite activities, when I’m not in the outdoors or shooting some of the wonderful scenery available on the west coast.  I personally believe (and others have agreed) that I make a rather solid from-scratch-chicken soup thanks to an introduction of the art years ago by my friend Brian.

As much as I enjoy preparing and eating my chicken soup, it’s a ton of work.  And I need to branch out more to expand the repertoire.  So when a dry bean-ham soup package appeared on the shelf at TJ’s the other day, figured it’d be worth a shot.  I almost never cook pork at home (asides from the occasional bacon and sausage splurge) so it’d be something new.  The recipe called for simmering ham hocks for 3 hours with beans, then adding the rest of the ingredients.  I’m a big fan of braising with chicken and beef, so why not continue the practice as a preliminary step?

It’s still too early to confirm, but not so convinced it was the best idea.  While the stock tastes OK at the moment, the aroma gives off a strong smell of burnt.  Reminds me heavily of rauchbier, which I enjoy but in very tiny quantities.  Hope I’m being a bit too critical and after cooking in the rest of the ingredients it will come out well.

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