Thoughts, ideas and memories of photography, cooking & the outdoors (not in that order!)

Cold cold cold

The remainder of last weeks’ trip was along the further north parts of the Eastern Sierras.  We didn’t have quite the intense wind as I experienced in the Alabama Hills, but it certainly was breezy and very wet.  After traveling back up to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest the next day, I discovered it was covered in a fresh coating of spring snow.  Beautiful!  Donned the snowshoes and headed in a mile or so; I wanted to reach the grove but the footing was uneven underneath the new snow and my ankle was still healing.  Despite that it was still nice to enjoy.

After that, my original plan was to go to Mammoth to see the hot springs with snow-capped mountains in the background.  Unfortunately two things conspired against me: first – the dirt roads that I thought went to the hot creek was impassible under quite a bit of water, and second – the weather system that blew through left a cold front in it’s wake and there was an overnight low of 10°!   A slightly lower and warmer campsite in Round Valley was the plan instead.  I spent some time in Bishop en-route, swinging by Schat’s of course along with paying a visit to the Mountain Rambler Brewery on advice of a local, excellent choice!  Only wished that they distributed their beer outside of the immediate area.

After that, going to Mammoth and exploring a bit more revealed an alternate and easy method to visiting the hot creek.  I swung by the Mammoth Brewing Company as well, seeing if they had any winter brews that I can’t typically get my hands on.  A night at the Moderne Hostel was a nice way to end the day.  After that, it was packing up and heading up through Tahoe to get back to the bay area!

Spent a few days relaxing, working on some projects at home, sorting through photos, doing laundry, etc and planning out the rest of the trip.  Up next is Oregon, hopefully with nice weather, wildflowers and blossom blooms.  Possibly Utah after that, Banff, Glacier NP, and Colorado Rockies!  Regardless of which destinations are picked, there’s no doubt it will be a busy and well-travelled summer!

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