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Operation Alaska

Summer plans have been in flux for the past few weeks, I was home for most of May to have PT for the ankle which has mostly worked.  I had thought of heading to Banff for June, but after some research showed it’s their wettest month with days of rain at times, I changed things around.  Oregon had plenty of that in April and I didn’t fancy the idea of driving to Canada and sitting again in a wet tent the whole time.

I discussed this with Kimberly and she mentioned an idea – there was an outdoor-oriented tour company Green Tortoise she went on a trip with to the southwest canyonlands a few years back and had a lot of fun.  I checked their website and they had a 27 day trip to Alaska that still had availability and a good price!  It didn’t take much time to realize this was going to be my June… I always wanted to visit Alaska, but heading up there by myself would be an awful lot of driving.  The trade-off of flexibility in this case seems worth the ease of travel and sheer amount of places that will be visited, plus it would be nice to have some companions on the road.

A few of the highlights:

So much to see, hoping to come away with lots of memories, great photos and maybe some new friends.  While on the tour, I’ll have limited equipment (no laptop) but hoping to be able to capture some quick snapshots that I can share.  One of my goals of heading up to this region is aurora photography, but this time of year is not ideal due to the extremely long days and limited darkness… next time!

After Alaska, it’s off to Colorado in early July for some high-altitude wildflower hiking and then some combination of Yellowstone, Tetons and Glacier National Parks before heading back home.


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