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Canadian Rockies

It’s been an interesting time in the Rockies.  Quite a long drive over several days (and nights) with a few pickup stops finally landed us in the Rockies.  The first proper overnight at Canyon Hot Springs then a bit more driving brought us to Banff to begin the journey.  We spent a few days visiting the downtown, Lakes Louise & Morraine, Johnston Canyon then heading up the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Icefield to Jasper.

The memories are unforgettable with the awesome group and crazy times of cooking dinner in a thunderstorm, tons of rain and 6″ of snow, hot springs and impromptu birthday parties.  It’s so nice to share the exploration with such a interesting and fun group of people.  The Canadian Rockies were so amazing to see; the fact the weather was lousy and clouded in most of the time (June is their wettest month) will make the next visit that much more epic.

We spent 2 days at Jasper as well visiting Lake Malign and Miette Hot Springs and now headed west to catch the ferry to Juneau in a few days.  Unfortunately the forecast for our first Alaksa stop looks about the same!  Hoping to see some sun break through at least a few times…fingers crossed.  I’d like to make a more detailed post on the trip in the future, this is a quick update from my tablet.

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