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Quick Recap – Rockies, PNW & Eclipse!


I’ve been rather busy on the road the past 2 months after finishing up in Alaska and had little time to post.  It’s much harder when you don’t have an awesome driver like Jake from the Green Tortoise taking you around from place to place!  Many hours on the road and hiking every day, then setting up camp and cooking dinner leave very few cycles to look through pictures, never mind write up any actual posts.  I’ll give a brief summary of what happened here, with more details as separate posts a bit later.

The Alaska trip ended with a wonderful goodbye celebration in Anchorage, then a 7a flight to Salt Lake City.  Kimberly picked me up en route to Colorado for a small vacation together.  We spent a few days in Crested Butte enjoying the wildflower festival, then swung up to Snowmass for an evening before she got on a flight back while I continued on my trip.

Highlights included:

  • MTB at 10k’ (definitely harder then it sounds)
  • A few wildflower shots (significant snow still at higher elevations plus recent dry spell made for a lack of blooms in the subalpine meadows unfortunately)
  • Disc golf at Crested Butte resort!
  • And a special surprise for those who know us

After that, I met up with my buddy Sarah and her companion Dan (and Cleo!) back in CB for an evening, before heading off to Pike’s Peak.  Then I was off on my own again to swing through Avery Brewing (awesome), Rocky Mountain NP (awesome again), then north to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier NP!  So much to see…

Then I was home for 2-3 weeks, enjoying a local camping trip with friends, then another up in Carson Pass to see the wildflowers there with Kimberly.  After that, I departed on another trip to the PNW at Mount Rainier, Seattle to see friends, Olympic NP, then back down to Bend & Madras for the eclipse!  A final overnight in Redwood NP before heading home the following day.

I’ll be in town for 3 more weeks before leaving on the final trip to the east coast.  First stop will be a few days in the southwest seeing a few new areas and revisiting one or two others.  Then a few days in Colorado to see some early foliage and visit my cousin who is lucky enough to have recently moved there.  Finally, off to Vermont to catch the beginning of the foliage season there and spending a few weeks hiking and camping around.  Kimberly will be joining me for a few days mid-October to see family, friends and foliage!  It’ll be her first time in Vermont so I’m praying for an extra-special foliage season and for the weather to help!

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