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110 nights in a tent!

20171110-1740-20171110-1740-_DSC0042-The Watchman

I am thankful to say that I have survived the journey.  It’s been a whirlwind of long hours, beautiful scenery, crazy weather and wild emotions these past 7 months.  After the final trip to Death Valley and Joshua Tree for Thanksgiving I can say 110 evenings (>30% of the year) in my tent have been an experience I will never forget.

I plan to do at least a few more posts now that I’m back, one outlining all the destinations over the year and another with some tips and pointers for anyone who may be interested on embarking on their own outdoor excursion.  But, to sum it up – it was a ton of fun and definitely more complicated then it seemed initially.  That being said, I wouldn’t change a thing much.  If this is any indication: a quick calculation determined that I’d need another 12 nights to hit 33% of the year, at which point I thought to myself “nah, I’m good”.

I can say that this year I’ve visited:

  • 13 US National Parks (first-time visit, +9 re-visit)
  • 3 Canadian National Parks (first-time)
  • 36 US States
  • Way too many miles on the road

I’m still working on counting mileage for the hiking/etc, but that will come later.

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