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Operation PNW

The winter, fall and spring months this past year have been very busy between the coming home, the holidays and then interviewing.  There were a number of interesting roles I found, and ultimately accepted an infrastructure engineering position up in the Seattle area during the spring.  This decision is obviously caused the chaos to continue with living-out-of-a-duffle-bag routine for a bit longer, but now I’m settled and mostly unpacked in a permanent location.

As much as I’m already missing the California beauty (figures Tahoe and a Yosemite valley get good snowstorms after I leave!), there is a lot to offer in the region up here.  Some my favorites in previous visits include the beautiful, rugged Olympic coastline, temperate rainforests and of course the famous wildflower blooms on Rainier.  I’m particularly partial to the latter, so really looking forward to the next month or two as the winter snows melt out.  And to much of my surprise, there was an entirely unknown-to-me National Park up here as well: we camped at North Cascades NP last weekend and were thoroughly impressed with the place.  It’s quite steep and intense terrain, especially in the high country (and still snowed in currently), but with easier access then the Sierras.  Doing a bit of quick Googling revealed a plethora of high alpine lakes and stunning vistas available.  Definitely looking forward to exploring all of these places more.

Beyond that, I’m actually looking forward to the colder climate.  Some (many?) people think I’m nuts, but I miss having snow where I live, rather then having to drive hours to find it.  And as a result, I can grab my snowboard and be on the slopes within 45 min.  I would routinely go boarding on winter weeknights back east when I was first learning. After going up to Snoqualmie Pass on several mid-week visits this winter, it reminded me how much I missed having access to this!

My original plan when departing the east coast was to move up here. I wouldn’t change that decision, but happy that I finally was able to make this happen!

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